The wolves waiting in the wind are always watching.

My life has never been normal. Raised by a survivalist, taught how to endure anything, I’ve learned to rely on myself. To keep my head down– to mind my own business. That all changes in an instant when I hear the screams.

There, in that filthy alley, I thought I was pulling Emmeline out of the darkness and toward safety, but it turns out, she was pulling me in. My new friend’s world collides with my own, and they couldn’t be more different. Where I spend my days alone, she rarely can. Not with four brooding brothers hellbent on her protection, watching over her every move like dark guardians.

Guardians that set their sights on me, who want to claim me as their own.

Theirs is a world of violence and bloodshed, of teeth and fangs. Monsters lurk in the shadows, just waiting for their chance to strike. A sane person would be terrified, but even as danger closes in around us, I know without a shadow of a doubt that they’re bigger threats than the ones they tell me I should fear.

To protect their family, they’ll become the monsters of legends and myths. The question is, if I’m supposed to be their salvation, does that mean I’m even more cursed than they are?

To save us all, am I willing to damn myself?


“Ow. My pride.”

I shrug a single shoulder, unrepentant. “Not my fault you think so highly of yourselves that people will trip over themselves to get into your good graces.” Clicking my seatbelt, I blink up at his stoic face, getting a sick thrill in watching his ego deflate right before my eyes. “We don’t really stand around the water cooler discussing trust fund babies and keeping track of their assets, I hate to tell you.”

Clucking his tongue, he fires up the ignition, throwing his arm over the back of my seat to look out the rear windshield as he backs out of the garage. “Damn, you go right for the jugular, don’t you, killer?”

“Nah, I just don’t think wealth is a personality trait. If no one can state a single fact about you that isn’t associated with your value, you don’t really have one in their eyes.”


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