My mates think I can extinguish their demons, but I know better. I’m gasoline and wind, fanning the flames higher.

I’m finally starting to believe that I’ve found the place I belong, that maybe life holds more than loneliness and pain. Naturally, that’s when my mother’s past catches up to me.

When the mates she ran from send three foreign alphas to our door to drag me back “home,” my dream of a happy life surrounded by my men begins to crack into jagged little pieces. These new alphas claim to want what’s best for me. But while Emmy’s suitors came bearing gifts of luxury, mine only bring one painful revelation after another, threatening my already tenuous grasp on sanity.

Secrets spread like poison, rising from the shadows to infect everything they touch.

And all the while, wolves are closing in around us, attempting to snuff us out once and for all. But I’m tired of being hunted, sick of paying the price for simply existing. I may not be the Slaughters’ daughter in blood, but I’ll choose to be in name. After all, it isn’t the creature in our chests that makes us less than human; it’s us.

We’re monsters whether or not we ever set ours free.


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