They call me their captive, their pet, their toy.

One prince wants to keep me; another desires to steal me away. And a third? I think he wants to end my life.

During the day, I’m kept by the possessive and alluring Prince Blaze and the charming Prince Treyton. At night, I find myself…somewhere else. There, I’m no less a prisoner than I am when I’m awake. The psychotic and deranged Night King wishes to clip my wings and keep me caged.

Everything changes when Calan—the icy, aloof, and cold-hearted prince of the Winter Court—spirits me away to the overrun Summer Court. He hopes to use me to find the elusive Death Whisperer and get revenge on behalf of his brother.

What will he do when he discovers the fae he’s looking for is none other than the servant he despises and desires in equal measure?

With Day and Night forces attacking us from every direction, a mysterious assassin following in my footsteps, and a deadly virus rampaging across the territories, I’m not sure my powers to heal will be strong enough to save us.

How can one female repair a world torn apart by war, bloodshed, and hatred?

Death has whispered to me for years now, but I’m afraid of what will happen if I finally decide to start listening.


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