They’re destined to destroy each other. When a crusading killer and a mysterious monster choose another path, will their worlds burn?

Fighting evil is second nature to Thane Keegan. Raised by the Church of the Holy Inquisition to hunt down and slay demons, the fierce warrior only stays loyal to his role to keep his brother safe. But his mission to stake a vampire pits him against a deadly yet gorgeous woman which ends in a puzzling stalemate.

Dahlia is just trying to survive. Labeled a monster by an overzealous religious sect, she longs to find a corner of the world where she can live in peace with the woman she loves. Unfortunately, it seems she has finally met a hunter she cannot kill – and who won’t give up.

As Thane becomes drawn to the alluring creature, he suspects the demon he’s been ordered to kill holds the answer to his own freedom. And as Dahlia and her girlfriend struggle to store up enough cash for their escape, she forms an unexpected bond with their pursuer that could finally end her after-life.

Will distrust and hidden agendas lead these sworn foes to their doom?


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