My life is a chaotic mess…times three.
I rely on me, myself and I. It’s the only way I can be sure nothing will go wrong.
Everyone believes we are triplets, and I am happy to let them believe it.

Thanks to the temperamental ancient magic that runs through my veins, I can split myself into three women. Three sides of me, and we don’t always get along.

I’m a one-woman team with quick fingers—I’m talking about being a thief! Get your mind out of the gutter! My boss is the only one who knows my secret. I can’t risk crossing him, so I go where I am told…for now. A girl’s got to do, what a girl’s got to do to survive, right?

If you want something done right, do it yourself. That’s my motto, and it has worked just fine for me…until three sexy werewolves show up and my boss forces me to help them with a mission. Life’s a real kick in the teeth sometimes.
I hope they don’t mind a woman, or women, in charge. I, we, won’t take any crap from these wolves, regardless of how panty-droppingly hot they may be.

They’re quick to start sniffing around, and it doesn’t take long before they get too close to my secret. When our mission goes sideways, and holding my forms becomes a matter of life and death, keeping my secret becomes even more impossible.

If they learn the truth, it could be the end of me. Can I trust them with my secrets…and my heart?

Cinderella had until midnight before everything changed back. I have forty-eight hours to make a decision that’ll change my life forever. No pressure, right?

Three of Me features a strong female main character who has the handy ability to split herself into three bodies and her three fated-mate werewolf shifters. It will steam up your reading glasses with some chapters, and make you snort in laughter in others!


“Say please,” the words rumbled out of my chest before I could stop them.

I don’t know what I expected, but I wasn’t surprised when her jaw clenched. She tilted her chin up stubbornly, eyes hardening like glittering diamonds.

“Look. Away,” she ordered.

My wolf whined, unsure of what to do. Part of me wanted to do whatever she asked, but the other part wanted her to know who was in control.

“Say please.” I smiled, enjoying our little game.

Her jaw ticked as she studied my expression. Neither one of us was willing to back down, and each was as stubborn as the other.

Aiken, leave her alone. Now is not the time for a battle of wills, Grant snarled.

I was a little surprised that he leaped to defend her. Grant rarely questioned my judgment or got between another person and me. I didn’t even glance his way because I was too busy having a no-blink contest with the blonde bombshell in front of me.

“Jerk,” she ground out between her teeth.

I felt a little guilty about it, but there was something about this girl. I wanted to breathe her in and eat her up. I wanted her on her knees in front of me, almost as much as I wanted to kneel in front of her.

Are you sure she’s not our mate? Milo’s voice sliced through my foggy brain.

I couldn’t have answered him even if I’d wanted to, because Trip chose that moment to lift her shirt over her head and toss it on the floor. That left her sitting on the seat beside me, in a fire engine red bra and her leather pants.

Oh boy.

I’d made a mistake. I should have looked away.

If I’d thought it was hot before, it was a sauna on fire now at that point. Someone needed to crank up the AC until it started blowing snowballs. My pants grew tighter, and I shifted in an effort to ease the discomfort.

“Really, Trip?” Lee rolled her eyes, snatching Trip’s clothing from the floor, and tossing her an identical small black dress.

Trip’s face twitched, but otherwise she showed little reaction. Her luminous blue eyes stayed glued to mine.

I tried to focus on her face, but I couldn’t help but travel down her beautiful body. Trip was in shape with a body like an athlete. She was toned but still managed to have a lushness to her figure. My mouth had gone dry, as though it had been stuffed with cotton balls. 

“See something you like?” Trip snapped her fingers to get my attention.

Yeah, I did, but I couldn’t have voiced a single word even if I had wanted to. 

“Usually, I’m the one terrorizing people like this, Trip.” Lee let her head drop against the window, seemingly exasperated.

My hands shook with the need to trace along her skin and across her curves. 

I wanted to grab her by her hips and yank her onto my lap.  I wanted to see if she tasted as good as she smelled. 

Most of all, I wanted to know why I was having such an incredibly strong reaction to her when no other woman in my entire life had ever come close.

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