When an act of violence shatters her life and dreams, Dr. Kate Michaels is forced into a nomadic existence. 

Another town, another assignment. 

Content to live life one day at a time, Kate self-isolates to protect herself from the fear and judgment of others. In Montana for her latest job, will she find love and salvation with four scintillating men, or will she let the past hold her back? 

Brothers by choice, they lost hope when the woman they loved left them. Can they open their battered hearts and trust again?

Sexy Lev, full of laughter and sunshine, with so much love to give.

Icy, controlled Lowell…is there more behind the façade?

Shaw, fierce and commanding, protecting his family against further heartache. 

Lost and hurting, can Thayer let go of his destructive ways and embrace his future?


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