My enemy isn’t who I thought it was.

My Alphas have groveled, begged, and fallen to their knees to beg for my forgiveness.

I’m still not sure I’m ready, but I’ll need to find a way if I want to face what’s coming next.

The Hunters and the packs are stuck in a stalemate while some invisible force plucks us off one-by-one.

The Storms have gone out of control and destroy the forest, the leaves, and any life it touches.

And when I go home, even my own family turns their backs on me.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve saved my sister—I’m one of the wolves to her now.

I’m an Outcast and I know what Kane has felt for the first time.

I need to find a way to forgive my alphas.

Because if I can’t… how can I expect my family to find a way to forgive me?


The epic conclusion is here!

Run, little moon. 

Run like the wind.

And if you’re a good, I’m going to catch you and make you scream.

I’d made my Moon Guardian a promise, but f–, She wasn’t going to make this easy for me.

Her speed shocked me. I was also impressed by how well she hid her tracks. It was almost as if She didn’t weigh anything at all as she flew through the forest.

But she was an Omega in heat, making her otherwise easy for my nose to follow. Even if I couldn’t see the path she might have taken, I could easily let her intoxicating aroma of jasmine mixed with the silver mist of the High Moon guide me.

Pride from my wolf swelled in my chest, as did his excitement for when we would taste her again. 

But my human mind understood how this was dangerous.

This was Valiance Pack territory. I did not fear Vern or his pack, but rather what was hidden in this patch of forest. I knew it well enough from the many maps I had studied, as well as my experience running through it before the war. 

Which meant I knew about the old Hunter traps that had been placed further up. Traps designed to take down an Alpha.
Traps designed for me.

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