What happens when an introvert becomes the center of attention in the eyes of three hot men? Freak-outs, head injuries, and lots of ice cream.

I’m Jade, a fox shifter, and I had a plan. I was going to finish my graduate degree in archeology and find a job in my hometown of Moonlit Falls. But I hit a road bump when the artifacts I was tasked with documenting start to go missing, and now three guys are claiming to be my mates.

A protective griffin with ties to the Irish Mafia.

A grumpy bear shifter who really is a teddy bear, at least to me.

And an artistic, pizza delivering fairy who can make me lose my senses.

Will my new mates be able to help me find what happened to the missing artifacts? Probably not. Will I need a truckload of ice cream to get through this chaos? You better believe it!


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