What do you do for fun in a town full of tourists?
You start leading tours and get to make people’s dreams come true. If only I could find my way to my own dreams.

I’m Garnet and I moved to Moonlit Falls several years ago to be closer to my cousin. Then she had the nerve to move away a year ago. Sigh.

At least this place is about as perfect as you can get for small town life until things start going off the rails. After a long day of work, I just want to sit down with a cup of coffee and vent, and suddenly I have mates:
Bear, a bear shifter.
Jaxson, a big city detective who moved back for a slower paced life.
Orin, a vampire with a mysterious past.

As if figuring out a relationship isn’t hard enough, mysterious gifts and notes keep ending up in my house! Has my ex found me again or is there something else going on?


“I forgot about this part of random swimming. Wet pants are not comfortable.”

“How often do you go ‘random swimming’?” Bear asks, taking my hand and walking back toward the main road. 

I have to think about it for a minute. “Probably two to three times a month.” 

“And you haven’t learned to stash towels or extra clothes around?”

“I keep extra towels at work. When I’m on the water, I sometimes sneak in a swim before leaving.” 

Bear rolls his eyes but smiles. “Maybe you should just start wearing a swimsuit anytime you go near water.” 

I scrunch up my nose. “That doesn’t sound comfortable.” 

“It sounds safer for anyone who may see you,” Bear says with a nudge. “You don’t want me having to get rid of neighbors for seeing my mate naked.”

“You wouldn’t.” I gasp. 

“I would,” he tells me, nodding.


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