Hi, I’m Diamond! I am just your regular, pink-haired, candle maker who may or may not have been an ex-thief.

A few months ago, my fuzzy bestie, Frank, and I packed up our shiz and moved to Moonlit Falls, putting our pasts behind us. Until this hunky cop is at my door asking me about stuff that has been stolen. Now, while the idea of him putting me in handcuffs is downright delicious, I most certainly did not steal a thing.

Okay, okay, I didn’t steal anything recently… Now I need to track down a copycat to clear my name. If only I didn’t keep getting distracted by the three new guys in my life; the captivating Levi with eerie red eyes, charming Beau from New Orleans, and hunky cop Stone. Plus, Frank has been acting odd since he fell in his latte.

All the drama here in Moonlit Falls must be getting to me because I cannot figure out how the copycat is pulling off the heists. If I didn’t know better, I would say he was using magic. Haha, just kidding! Everyone knows magic isn’t real…


He chuckles. “Thought you’d be good with knives.”

I place the knife on the counter before crossing my arms. “I’m a candlemaker, not an assassin.” 

Picking up the escaped carrot, he moves back to my side. “Well, for de sake of my cuttin’ board, how bout I handle de food? You can take a look ‘round or have a seat n’ relax.” 

I want to help, but he is probably right. I can’t cook to save my life. So I give him a nod, but before I can move to sit down, that same carrot that escaped earlier sprouts limbs and lets out a horrendous screech before charging at me. I am so startled, I screech and bump right into Beau.

Next thing I know, there’s a bright purple-, pink-, and black-colored betta fish. He didn’t vanish. I turned him into a Betta Fish. Beau flops and flips around on his pants.

“Oh God, what have I done?! Water, water, fish need water.” I quickly pick him up and toss him in the sink. Turning the water on full blast, I look down at him just in time to see his small body get swooped into the drain. 


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