A kelpie, a satyr, and a fire salamander watch a succubus walk into a bar…

My name is Lex, and while this sounds like the start of a bad joke, the punchline falls flat, just like my ego when I find out that not one of them is interested in me… even though my succubus insists they be the ones to punch my V-card.

I’m not so sure.

I would drown my sorrows in ice cream and animal documentaries, but I have too much to do!

I have big plans for Crafty Seductions—my new business venture in Moonlit Falls, but someone has it out for me and wants me to fail.

Things are going wrong at every turn.

Then, after an especially disastrous coffee date, these men are suddenly changing their tune.

Is it just the magic?

Or can I trust that this is real?

Dion—the Satyr who may just dance me off my feet.

Ren—the fire salamander who says I’m his greatest treasure.

Tase—the Kelpie who wants to devour me.

And me?

I just want to teach people crafts.


Not supplied by author.


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