Moving to Moonlit Falls was supposed to be Agate’s fresh start.

As the boss, and only full-time employee, of Soil Sprite Gardening & Landscaping, she’s working on her dream renovation – an unkempt patch of land surrounding the town’s beautiful, ancient oak tree.

Unfortunately in doing so, she may have accidentally wrecked the town. Maybe.

The human residents of Moonlit Falls have started seeing glimpses of the supernatural around them, despite the town’s wards, and Agate thinks it has something to do with that oak tree.

As the town descends into chaos, she needs to get some help! But will a magical pumpkin spice latte binding her to a blood witch, a python shifter, and a human be the answer to her problems? Or will it just create new ones?

If they’re not careful, the secret of Moonlit Falls could be permanently damaged, and the supernatural haven gone forever.


Marcus peeled back the covers over my head, smirking down at where my head lay on his abdomen. “Y’know, if you wanna shuffle down just a little farther, we could have some fun—Hey!”

I silenced his suggestion with a quick slap on his exposed chest, hitting him right on a nipple. “Nope! Bad Danger-Noodle!”

Before I knew what was happening, Marcus had flipped us over and pinned me down to the mattress. His hips dug into my own as he leered at me. My heart pounded against my chest as his mouth brushed over my cheek to my whisper in my ear.

“Hmm, judging by this reaction, I think you’re curious as to just how dangerous I can be. Isn’t that right, Agate?”

No nickname. I was in trouble.


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