I have the craziest feeling that someone is watching me.

I left my comfortable life in Queens, New York, on a scholarship to study on the other side of the Atlantic in a sleepy British town known for its ghosts, medieval castle, and cathedral. Some say the spirit of Charles Dickens haunts the streets after midnight.

I haven’t seen any ghosts, but I know someone stays hidden in the shadows, prowling my every move for the last two years.

But now, five alphaholes have transferred over to my campus, acting like they run things here.

Stuff is happening, and I know it has something to do with them.

My life is slowly winding out of control, but I worked hard to be where I am. This is my final year, and I’ll be damned if anyone thinks they can make me leave.

You can take the girl out of Queens, but you can’t take the Queen out of me.

You don’t mess with Gena Russo and expect to get away with it.

Let the fight begin.

This Queen won’t share her crown with anyone.


Steamy, Sexy, Hot. A story about an American girl, five Brit boys, a stalker, one house, and a fight for The Crown.


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