Laelia’s life is in danger once more, and this time she’s fighting for more than the life of her loved ones. She’s fighting to save everyone.

The impossible has happened. Syn, one of Laelia’s mates, has managed to track her down, breaking through the witches impenetrable magic. Driven mad by the separation, Laelia has her hands full trying to coax back the male she loves from the feral beast he’s so close to becoming.

Meanwhile, a new prophecy comes to light, putting her in the spotlight once more. Devine intervention looks to be involved as Laelia’s mates seem to be gathering despite the odds. There appears to be more than chance at play here.

The Queen of the witches isn’t happy by these revelations, and Laelia is forced to fight for her life once more in a set of challenges.

Will she survive and become the one the prophecy spoke of? Or will she fail and bring doom upon them all?


Chapter One

The forest around me seems to fall silent. The quiet noises of animals moving through the undergrowth and tall grass disappear as they sense the presence of a predator. Even the soft breeze that had been brushing against my skin seems to die, everything eerily still.

Everything that is, other than the threat stalking toward me. My mate, Syn.

I didn’t feel him approaching, and even now our bond is strangely quiet. The fact I didn’t know it was him stalking me is ringing alarm bells. We’ve been separated for so long that pull in my chest should be celebrating, a force so strong I can’t deny it, demanding I get closer to him. Yet all I feel is a wariness, warning me that I need to be on my guard. One wrong move could be disastrous. Is something blocking our connection, or has our separation somehow broken him?

There’s a madness in his eyes I’ve not seen before and it makes my heart skip a beat. This isn’t my overprotective, touch her and die alpha mate, this is a different male altogether and I know I need to be careful.

Star, my wolf, whines at my side, not knowing whether to greet him or jump into a defensive position, sensing my fear. This is Syn, our mate, yet here he is, looking more like a threat than our lover. The darkness within me is alert but quiet, watching with interest at the new development.

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