My whole life, I’ve been a goddess on the run—from my family, from my birthright, from my brother. Until a fateful concert in Silver Springs, when I get so angry I accidentally call on my ancient protectors and the warrior spirits body snatch some humans at the concert—a vain band member, a sweet-as-sugar policeman, and a dad-shoe-wearing concessions worker.

Their presence puts me in all sorts of danger – the whole of the Greek pantheon would have heard that battle cry – but I can’t seem to get rid of them. They made a promise long ago that they’d protect me to the end, and there’s nothing sexier than a warrior’s promise.

But if it does go sideways, these bodies aren’t for fighting, and I might end up protecting my protectors. So before my brother finds me, we need to get my spirit protectors out of these useless human bodies and into their own, and then we need to get gone.

I can’t stop running now, when love’s finally knocking on my door.


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