Fate always has a plan for us. Even if we’re not always ready for it. So, buckle up buttercups because this is my story.

All I wanted was a normal night out with my bestie. A few measly hours away from our troubles before we’re shoved back into a cruel reality for the foreseeable future. But, apparently, that was too much to ask for, because I happen to stumble into three men who claim to be my fated mates.

And yeah, they’re hot as sin, but now I’m being thrust into a world that I know absolutely nothing about. They tell me I’m a magic user, a Weaver, specifically, and that I was born this way.

The strangest thing about it all is, I believe them. My instincts have never led me astray and I’m being led directly into their arms. Even the brooding asshole who can’t stand me.

When one of the Elite attempts to throw a knife into the side of my head, I quickly find out that their world is rife with danger and corruption. I’ve got enemies coming at me from the shadows and the light. Forcing me to deal with more mysteries than answers.

Luckily, I’ve got the guys, who say they will protect me at all costs, but will that be enough to keep me safe?


Good thing I know how to fend for myself.

I’m Sadie Sinclair and trouble follows me like smoke to beauty, but I don’t like to be toyed with.

Will I be able to dodge the magical shitstorm heading my way?

Guess we’ll find out.


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