Sugar. Honey. Ice. Tea!

Magnolia Kinsella is a student nurse at Silver Springs Memorial.
But our sexy southern belle is very unlucky in love.
After a string of disastrous Tinder dates Magnolia meets three hot men with a little help from a certain magic paperback by the title of ‘Love Blooms’ and with a little help for her bestie Jen.

Oh but did I tell you that Magnolia is very klutzy?

*Hot Police Officer Blake Hunk almost mows her down with his car.
*Sexy paramedic Thor… ehm Max (you met him in Onyx) had to rescue Magnolia from herself more than once.

*Then there’s Dr. P. (No, his nickname isn’t short for Porter, his first name, you’ll have to read to find out), with his huge-ly meddling mother, who happens to be Magnolia’s supervisor.

Come to Silver Springs to find out if love will bloom for our sweet southern belle.


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