Magic: The Mythical Coven


*For anyone who has read my Willow’s Pack duet, this is Ezra’s story*

~A Full Length Standalone Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance~

I was trapped in a gilded cage for over a century. Until they found me. 

Centuries ago, the Great Supernatural War was raging and it was survival of the fittest. Rather than answer the call to help their people, my Coven went on the run, escaping to the Human Realm in a safe haven of their making, hidden from everyone. But after centuries of isolation, the Coven’s once renowned Earth Magic was failing and they were on the brink of disaster. Their selfishness would be their end.

Enter me.

As the only Witch with unparalleled Earth Magic, I became enslaved as a child to my unappeasable Coven Leader. Forced to save his safe haven and people, my centuries of existence knew no mercy or kindness. Living a life not my own and with no way to escape, I had no hope.

Until them.

Ezra, Apollo, and Leo. Outsiders to the only world I know, their hunt for help to save their people could be my salvation.

Can I risk it all by putting my safety in their hands? Or will they turn out to be just like my Coven Leader, and enslave me because of my power?

It’s a risk I’m going to have to take.

Magic is a full length, medium burn, Standalone Why Choose Romance that ends with a HEA. It is set in a shared universe. There is M/M, group scenes, and other 18+ content in this book. Though there are some mentions of other characters from within the shared Supernatural Realm’s Universe, this can be read on its own without reading any other books in the universe first. 

This book does touch on some sensitive subjects, and please check the extensive trigger warning at the beginning of the book before reading. But here is a brief version. 

Trigger Warning; Abuse, both emotional and physical, PTSD responses to trauma, Claustrophobia, Violence, Abuse of control from a person in power, mentions of human and child trafficking.

This book contains sexual themes suitable for 18+ readers


*Delilah’s POV*

“Yes, I’ll make you some brownies, Doll. I just need to get the ingredients,” Leo says with a grin.

I bounce on my toes and do a little shimmy of excitement that has him getting to his feet. Leo steps into me, gently taking the dirty dishes I’m holding to set them behind me. Before he can move past me to wash them up for me though, I hip check him away from the sink and block him from reach. “You cooked, the least I can do is wash up.”

Not that there is much to wash up really, other than the stuff I used and a couple empty platters on the table. Leo is a clean chef, and must have cleaned as he cooked. It’s actually kind of hot that the man is so neat. Goddess, I’m weird. I shake my head and hold firm when he tries to slide an arm around my waist to shift me out of the way.

I automatically reach for my Witch Magic though, shackling his wrists and tugging them back so his arms are trapped against the bench. Taking a step closer to him while caging his body there with mine, the rest of the room vanishes as my focus centres on him.

I grip the edge of the bench and lean in close, nipping his chin in a silent reprimand—careful to keep my sharp canines in check and my glamour solid. Mentally, I’m a little shocked at the action, even by my own standards, but as I watch Leo’s reaction, my mind calms. His pupils dilate, lips parting as he stares at my mouth with interest, no hesitation there at all.

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