There’s magic inside of me.

Dark, insidious magic that wants to claim me—heart, body, and soul.

At least I have my sister by my side. I know I can always count on her…right?

So why do my body and heart crave the touch of seven nightmares? Why does my soul cry out for a shy, sweet incubus with red hair and earnest eyes? An incubus who claims to love me and says I love him in return…even if I can’t remember?

My head tells me to forget Killian and the others.

My heart tells me there’s something I need to remember, something important, something involving the seven men I’m supposed to hate…

With new truths revealed, a past uncovered, and relationships tested, I’m beginning to wonder if my entire life is a lie.

One thing I know for certain—a war is coming.

I just don’t know what side of it I’m going to end up on.


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