The Unseelie thrive on dark desires. I have to convince them I can fulfil their darkest dreams.

If someone had said my petty thefts would lead to me getting shipped off to Unseelie lands on a mission to assassinate the Crown Princess, I would have told them they’d drank too much shell wine.

Ever seen a mermaid assassin on land? Didn’t think so.

Yet here I am, stripped of my tail and my heart, posing as part of a royal Unseelie outcast’s retinue.

Lachlan sees me as his personal form of twisted entertainment. I’d like nothing more than to slice off his cruel smirk, but being his plaything is the only way I can partake in the depraved courting ceremony where I’m supposed to strike the lethal blow. I have to dive into the throes of Unseelie life like a true member of their race. Wicked. Carnal. Pursuing pleasure through the darkest deeds.

If an unjustly handsome Unseelie prick ends up on the wrong side of my blade once I’m done, well…

Maybe not having a heart could prove to be fun after all.


His fingers came up to my neck, fanning outward. You need to embody a true Unseelie. Looking like one wont convince anyone when you dont have the spark.”

As those fingers tightened for a moment, I had to pretend the blaze in my core wasnt there.

That I didnt want him to squeeze just a little harder.

Lachlans lips hovered over mine. Youre too modest, Avalon. Too tame.”

The sound of my name carried on his smooth, dark voice was far more pleasurable than it had the right.

My breaths turned heavy and, like some godsdamned lighthouse, drew Lachlans touch to my chest.

It was as if being caressed by pure violence.

 A torturous, sinister, yet velvet-smooth sensation peaked my nipples and made me arch into him.

With an almost shuddering sigh, Lachlan curved his hand around my breast, cupping it perfectly. Well have to coax that spark out of you. Deprave you until you live, breathe, and speak only lust.”

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