Charlotte Montgomery has just graduated from Cambridge University and has accepted a job offer from Dr Elroy Patterson, a vet from a small town called Lupine Valley. Leaving behind the city she was raised in and her best friend, Katie, Lottie moves to this new place. She makes fast friends with a small group of friends, who are loyal, protective and only slightly weird. Everyone in town seems to worship her new friends, and Lottie can’t figure out why. The entire town shares these strange quirks, that range from growling at each other to using some weird words (like Luna and pack). In addition to trying to figure out this town, Lottie is reunited with people from her past—people she thought she’d never see again. Can she remain sane with all of the new changes happening in her life? Will she be able to deal with the possibility of the supernatural—even if she turns out to be one of them? This is a medium-burn, paranormal, reverse harem story. This means Lottie will be involved with multiple men, and at the end of the series she will end up with all of them. The Luna Series will end in a happily ever after. Join Lottie on her journey into navigating what this small town is like.


“You will never control me,” I tell him. My wolf agrees with me. Caden doesn’t have the power over me that he thinks he does. We’re in charge because we’re stronger than he is.

Something shifts inside of me now that I’ve accepted that, and I can feel power radiating out of me. Now that we’re one, we’re going to be demanding our rightful place and it’s not underneath my Alphas.

“You are not stronger than us,” I snarl, and my power increases. I can feel it in the air surrounding us, expanding out. I can hear howls, and I know they belong to my pack—my pack—and it’s like their response triggers something in Caden… he completely shatters under my power.

He falls to one knee, breaking eye contact with me first, and bows his head. I turn to Katie, at a complete loss, and she’s in a similar position. I don’t know how long she’s been like that either.

What the fuck is going on?



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