Rock star. Billionaire. Goddess.

She’s all of the above, but only one of those things is the key to mending her broken heart.

When infidelity shatters her perfect L.A. life, Eden Rose Masterson heads home for some small-town recuperation. Only fate has other plans. Instead of nursing her wounded pride, she’s bombarded with the discovery that she’s a Goddess of Love and that Cupid is her new BFF.

Reconnecting with multiple men from her past, she discovers just what she’s been missing. Who knew rebounding could be so much fun? But being a goddess has a dark side, and she soon learns that not all men are willing to share.


Eden’s arrival back in town had taken everyone by surprise. I’d always hoped she’d come back, but truthfully, I’d already accepted that she was the one that got away. A girl I’d been head over heels with in high school, and one who’d said yes to the football team captain before I’d gotten the chance to ask her out. All right, in complete honesty, it was before I’d gotten the nerve built up to do it. Can you really blame a guy? Even before she got famous, she was beautiful. She’s always had that ethereal quality that seems to act as a gravitational pull to every man who gets close. Of course, it helps that she has the body of a goddess and the sultry voice of a rock singer. It feels like the hand of fate when she walks in to my library two days after word had spread around town that she’s back. Her long hair has been dyed pastel colors that give it a sort of holographic effect; platinum blonde with pale pinks and blues giving it enough shimmer to look reflective. She’s wearing fitted jeans and a tastefully ripped T-shirt that give tantalizing glimpses of a red bra-strap. Her heels are high and deep crimson with pointed toes. She looks every inch the rock goddess. She takes off her sunglasses and heads my way. A smile stretches out her full lips as she approaches. “Oh my God, Asher, is that really you?” “Eden. The rumors are true then,” I say, smiling back as she stops at the desk and leans on it. She still smells like roses and sweet apples. I don’t know what her perfume is, but it does something positively depraved to my thoughts every single time I breathe it in. Imagining this woman naked and climbing over the counter with desire in her eyes sets blood racing straight to my nether regions. I’m glad the counter is there. The evidence of her effect on me would be all too obvious otherwise. “You look good,” she tells me, her gaze drifting. I take pride in wearing well tailored three-piece suits to work. I’m sure that’s all she’s referencing. A woman like Eden is used to men who spend half their time in a gym, and the rest on a stage in front of hordes of screaming girls. “Well, you look utterly ravishing,” I tell her. “But I’m sure you’re sick to death of people telling you that.” She smiles. “No one ever tells me that, Asher. I’ve missed your way with words.” I clear my throat. “Are you in town for long?” She nods. “Here to stay. I think. For now.” Same old Eden. I have to smile. She hasn’t changed a bit. “Were you looking for anything in particular?” She shakes her head. “I just wanted to check out some books. What do I need to do?” I get her set up, and she wanders off into library. It takes her half an hour to pick out half a dozen titles. All of them are different. She doesn’t seem to have any preference for genre or theme. Horror, romance, self-help, reference, science-fiction, and cookery. I don’t realize I’m raising an eyebrow until she shrugs at me, her face flushing. “I’m kind of at a loose end right now.” It’s the perfect opportunity to ask her out, and yet I hesitate. She’s only just back in town. Apparently after a horrible break-up, if the news is to be relied on. It feels too soon. “Well, these are all good choices.” I check them out for her and she takes the bundle from my hands, a spark of electricity passing between us and making her gasp. Her bright blue eyes meet mine one last time before she leaves. “It was nice seeing you, Asher.” “Don’t be a stranger.” “Don’t worry, I won’t.”



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