What is it that they say? Life’s a witch and then you die.
Stealing a magical object wasn’t my smartest move. Scored me imprisonment at the Guild of Guardians. Home to magical criminals and murderers.
The only way to pay off my sentence? Hunt down rogue supernaturals, and hope I don’t die trying.
One little problem. I’m a comic book nerd, not a warrior. The four dangerous criminals on my team think I’m weak, a liability, and want me to fail.
Time for a reminder: I’m Astra Nomical, I won’t let them break me, and I sure as hell won’t lose my heart to this fangirl’s wet fantasy.


My attention remained on the woman with gorgeous blue eyes and heaving chest that I rolled to the ground beneath me. Nipples hardened like diamonds, poking into me, and hell, I liked the feel of them against me. Been a while since I slept with a woman. The vein in her throat pumped fast as she studied my face, hands exploring my arms, groping my muscles, and my big guy stirred awake.

“Not injured, but very strong.” The new prisoner with the sunset-streaked hair kept squeezing my arms. “How many times a day do you work out?”

Her squeezing my damned muscles got me even more excited, and my cock pressed into her. Fuck, I needed to blow off steam in that department. Tempting. Not gonna happen with the riot sentries glaring at us. Maybe when we got back to Cell Ward A, I’d hit her up.

“Keep doing that, Sunset, and I’ll pin your arms above your head, and give you a special welcome to the prison.” My voice came out a low, suggestive growl, and her nipples stiffened even more at my invitation. Fuck me. I wanted to rub myself against her just to feel them all over my chest.

Interest flitted across her face and her eyebrows arched. She kept touching her glossy hair, and my fingers flexed and curled, wanting to do the same. Didn’t she know how damn distracting that was? Sexy little thing had my cock aching from being trapped in my underwear.

She worked her curvy mouth between her teeth, and I wanted to take them between mine and teach her a lesson for being so reckless. “Sorry, I was expecting someone different. Hairy, sweaty, bald, and ugly. You’re … eye candy… er, I mean, a nice surprise.”

Flirty woman had a mouth on her. A mouth that would get her in trouble in here. I had to pound it into submission with a kiss.

“You + me = NaCl + H2O?” I didn’t know what the hell she meant but picked up the suggestion in it from her sultry purr that had my dick kicking up further.

“What?” I barked out a laugh.

“Nothing.” Pink crept over her cheeks. Nothing, my ass.

I grabbed both her wrists and pinned them to her sides to warn her about her mouth and behavior. “If you ever get reckless and jump into a dangerous fray like that again, Sunset, I’ll throw you over my lap and spank your ass.” My cock declared its love and worship, hardening when her thighs tightened at my threat.

A laugh rocketed out her throat. “Well, reckless got me in here. I’m Astra, but you can call me Sunset.” She winked, then dipped her gaze to rove over my body. “I didn’t expect to meet my new teammates this way.”

Her reply sent ice shards through my veins and deflated my dick faster than a burst balloon. Teammate? No fucking way. We didn’t need another member on our team. Not after Jaz died. The thought of replacing my best friend felt like a knife slashing at my insides. Not going through that hell again. Period. I pushed off her, grabbed her hand, and lifted her to her feet.

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