Bury the hatchet… in your enemy’s heart.

I’ve reclaimed my throne, and Wylder Noble has demanded his. But war still rages all through Paradise Bend.

It turns out this war involves powers from far beyond our little county. Powers determined to bring the fighting to an end, even if that means painting the streets with blood on both sides.

We have seven days to take down my psychotic stalker and his soldiers before all our lives are forfeit.

The dangerous men who’ve won my heart and I have never faced a challenge quite like this. Most would say we’re not up to it.

But the Nobles are far from noble when it comes to tackling a threat, and Mercy Katz is no kitten. There’s nothing more lethal than a creature with claws backed into a corner.

We’ll bring our home the peace it deserves by whatever means necessary… or die trying.


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