Have you ever been so exhausted you feel it deep in your soul?

After twenty-four years living in this seedy town and six years in the business of serving seedy men, that’s me.

So. Damn. Tired.

Every day, I dream of becoming a wanderer — me and my trusty home on wheels taking life on the road. Every night, I striptease to turn those daydreams into a reality.

Bikers from around the nation ride in for Gulf Coast Bike Week every spring and fall. Under the thumb of a local motorcycle gang, the dancers at Tit for Tat Saloon take good care of them.

“Dance for just one more motorcycle rally,” I told myself.

That was three years ago, before I was claimed by a member of a rival club. Twice a year, he visits me along with the rest of his brigade.

While they are here, I tend to their needs.

This season, though, hackles are raised; local outlaws are whispering concerns that Hell for Leather is up to no good. A buzz of weariness in my bones warns that this hidden agenda will affect their favorite saloon girl.

Trouble is, I care. Too much. The men who make up their group will get me — all of me. Willingly. Regardless of how it chips away at my already-damaged soul.

“Dance for just one more motorcycle rally,” I tell myself.


“Adell Ryan’s fresh take on the MC trope is excellent. The Hell for Leather MC? They’re into crotch rockets and stunting, not the beefy hogs we usually read about. There’s a heavy dose of mystery to go with the grit and grime.” — Amazon Customer


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