I wanted them. They wanted me. We all wanted each other. But…

Years later, I’m a completely different person, returning home with my new alpha to pack. First though, I have to put an end to what the boys from my past started.

Fate though has other ideas about us being finished. Chance meetings, half truths and my impending heat make for interesting times. And the advice from my girls, about who I let into my heart and body, is as confusing as it sounds.

But what if we did get it all wrong? Like everything?

I guess I’m about to find out. Because when I find myself alone again, alphas that smell like falling rain, hot cinnamon donuts and campfire, who make pretty promises about not letting me go again might be the only ones that can save me from the tragedy of our past.

There’s a few triggers with this one – including but not limited to age gap and reverse age gap, a lot of smoking hot scenes, alphas hell bent on getting their omega, gaslighting, violence, swearing, discussions on past trauma including sexual assault. There is an existing relationship between two alpha males.


I pull her head to the side, so I can remind her of my intentions by bruising the faded claim left behind from years ago. I do it for me, but I do it to emphasise to her over and over again, that she is most certainly mine and there is nothing that will tear us apart.

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