One left because I was too young. One says we’re a gift from destiny. One was told to marry me. And then there’s the guy who used to be my best friend.

And the other thing is my other thing. My siblings and I are Nava Agni – born from the originals. My dad has always been honest about where we came from, and we’ve always known. But we grew up outside of the other community for a reason.

We are hidden. Until I’m not. Part of what happened was my fault. Throw in a handful of prophecies including an arranged marriage and a box full of secrets and our simple life changes overnight. And some of my other family are not happy at all.

I’m fine to do whatever we need to do, to ensure the twins are never caged.

Complication comes in the form of my first crush, my best friend, a man who instantly sets my mind and body on fire (not literally), and my husband-to-be. Although I’m starting to think they aren’t complications at all, maybe together we are the answer.


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