Ever wish a book boyfriend could come alive? For Avi, this becomes a surprising reality. When the two men she’s always wanted to meet, a fictional shifter and a half-demon pirate, suddenly appear in her bedroom, she faces a huge dilemma. She’s a Keeper – responsible for keeping characters and creatures in their books, not letting them out!

When the Literary Guild sends a hot, arrogant Bard to enforce the rules, it only makes matters more difficult. Avi has more to hide than her handsome book characters, and the Guild’s involvement could ruin everything… Will the Bard become an enemy or an ally? Will she need to send Devlin and Ramsay back into their books? They soon find that this is just the beginning of a bigger mystery, one that includes Avi and all the secrets she was sworn to hide. Can they work together in order to survive and save the Real world from another Grimm Time?


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