I own this town.

My parents built an empire. Their enemies killed them and took what was theirs.

They made a mistake; they didn’t kill me. When I took back everything my family built, I made them all pay for that. I expanded the empire on the blood and bones of my family’s enemies.

Now they want revenge.

I refuse to let distractions keep me from holding on to my power, but those distractions keep getting under my skin. And into my bed. Now they want my heart, while my enemies want me dead.

**This is a paranormal reverse harem with wolves, adult times and a lot of apple juice.**


“Shouldn’t you be on cleanup?” I stood as though he hadn’t seen me pleasuring myself and I wasn’t dressed in a bra and panties.

“Clean up.” He shrugged one shoulder and walked over to the coffee table. He picked up the vibrator and licked his tongue down the wand, which was probably still warm and slick from being inside me.

While I shook my head at him, he went on licking all the way around it, smiling the whole time. Finally, he put it back down on the table.

“There. All clean. Delicious too.” He glanced at me up and down, obviously not just referring to the taste of me.


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