Raven King is an American college student just minding her own business as an intern for a prestigious London hotel. She unexpectedly gets thrown into the vicious world of a British crime syndicate because she spent the night with one crucial member of a notorious London gang who suddenly vanishes overnight from her bed. His fellow brothers-in-arms kidnap her and believe she’s responsible for his disappearance, and the start of a dangerous whirlwind adventure begins. Little do these men know that Raven has a few dark secrets she must keep hidden from them.
This story is a deep plot, slow burn, with British and American crime syndicate cross-over. It is told in multi-POV, and while there is no MM, it is a RH trope.


“These men stepped out from the underworld and wreaked havoc on my quiet little life. I’ve entered a world that I will never be able to escape from.”

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