They call themselves the Devils…

Seven sinful, rich men that own the cornerstone of debauchery in this city.


Being the face of Devils, Inc. has become the bane of my existence…

Until the woman in the red dress captures my attention.

Atlas needs a distraction and I need to learn everything about her.

Ten secrets, and I know she was made to be a Devil. All I need to do is prove she could be one of us.

Can I make a Devil in seven dares?


Everything I have is riding on building the Dulce brand…

When the Devils set their sights on me, I know I can’t beat them.

Unless I join them.

I’ve always been able to keep people at a distance, even while warming their beds. Yet somehow, Atlas lures me in with his reverent touch and troubled eyes. And Ricky gets under my skin with his devilish smirk and enticing propositions. Then Kane, the gentle giant, tempts me to let them all in.

I have to make a deal with the Devils to save my business, but will I be able to save myself from getting too close?


“Did you enjoy our little game?” 

“What game were we playing exactly?” And what’s in it for you?

He moves closer, standing inches in front of me. Just like before, he doesn’t touch me, but he doesn’t have to. Ricky Ortiz’s presence is heavy in the air. Imposing. He’s only slightly taller than Atlas, but the way he carries himself makes him seem even larger. His shoulders are broader, but tiny compared to Kane’s. We’re both aware of how attractive he is and how uneasy he makes me feel. His full lips tilt in that permanently etched smirk, his gaze attempting to penetrate my soul. Good luck with that. “You haven’t figured it out? I find that hard to believe.” 

“Felt like some twisted game of truth or dare.”

“Only dares,” he corrects quickly, leaning so close his warm breath fans out over my cheek. 


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