They took me from my home, made me a slave—and when I wouldn’t bend, they chose to break me.

But a chance encounter with a demon spells disaster for the slave trade. Released from my bonds, and set free upon the world that scorned me, I will do anything to find my brother and get my revenge.

Only, four wolves, one from each clan, seem intent on pursuing me—all for their own desires.

To one, I am the Goddess reborn. To another, the woman of his dreams. To the others, I am a danger, an unknown, and everything they’ve ever wanted.

They say I must return with them to the Wilds and claim my wolf so I can see them as mine. But these men will soon learn I’m much more than a feral mate.

I am Alpha, and these wolves will bow to their queen.

I am Alpha kicks off a brand new epic fantasy romance trilogy where the heroine won’t have to choose between her wolves. If you love your adventure with a dash of romance and a whole lot of revenge, then start Cinna’s story today!

Book One – I am Alpha
Book Two – They Call me Beast
Book Three – Bow to your Queen

The Rise of the Beast Queen trilogy is part of the Devourer of Magic universe. Each series/standalone can be read solo, but if you enjoy one, it is probable you will enjoy them all! Will you be devoured today?


“Don’t all of you have some place to be? Some place better than following around an unwilling mate?” 

Oberyn shook his head. “There is no place I’d rather be.”

“You won’t be unwilling for long.” Nor chuckled. “Just wait until your wolf meets us.”

I took a step closer to the alpha, a growl rumbling in my throat. Kade brought an arm out to bar my path, surprising me just as he’d done at lunch. 

“He’s right,” Kade said. He avoided my gaze as he dropped his arm and ran a hand through his hair, mussing the black curls. “Your wolf will know.”

Is that blush on his ears? I narrowed my eyes, craning my neck to find out. “There’s really nowhere else for you to be?”

“You’re actually saving Kadey-boy right now,” Oberyn said.

“Oberyn,” Kade warned, glowering at the omega. 

“What? You’d rather return home to daddy dick face?”

I snorted a laugh. “Daddy dick face?”

Oberyn’s eyes lit up at my little snort. “Oh yes. Kadey’s daddy is quite the fellow.”

Kade grabbed Oberyn by the collar and shook him. “Shut up, would you?”

Oberyn moved so fast, I missed exactly how he moved out of reach, but somehow, he seemed to slip from Kade’s grip, losing his shirt in the process before reappearing behind Kade. The trickster leaned against the railing as he grinned down at me. “He really can be a spoil sport.”

“Oberyn!” Kade hissed, chucking the man’s shirt back at him.

“You’re fast,” I commented. “How long would it take you to reach Ice Clan territory?”

“Thinking of pulling a fast one?” Oberyn’s eyes lit up at the challenge.

“Hold on a moment,” Nor said. “You can’t go running off without me.”

I raised a brow. I could do whatever I damn well pleased. “Nor the alpha, you of all these males should have responsibilities to return to.”

“Eventually, little wolf,” Nor said. “I have far more important things to do here. Can’t let these pups win you over first, now can I?”

Kade scoffed. “Pups?”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re in for a long wait if you think you can make me agree to four mates.”

Nor smiled slyly, leaning closer so that his hot breath fanned my cheek, but not close enough to touch. My heart beat faster as I leaned back, trapped by the railing. “You’re worth the wait, precious.” 

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