A two-thousand-year-old grudge, and a reckless and primal passion. Will the dark demons be their doom or salvation?

After falling through hell’s portal, Tori and Beniamin discover new magical powers while battling frightening demons in the hostile afterlife. But as more monsters close in on them, they must rely on the protection of the dark ones, ancient demons who for centuries have been harboring a festering grudge against the Amaroki wolves.

As much as she fears the dark demons, Tori can’t deny the call in her soul as if they’d always been her destined mates. How could she love such beasts, and how can they be capable of loving her when their hearts turned to ash centuries ago?

Beniamin feels a strong yet perplexing connection to them, too—almost as if he’d always been part of their pack. But these demons harbor dangerous secrets, and he does not want to stay long enough to find out what they are.

Tori and Beniamin have no choice but to obey their hellish hosts. If they don’t, an even worse death awaits them.


He kissed her once more, whispering against her mouth. “Gentle or rough?”

“Oh, God!” she cried, gyrating against him.

“God’s not here,” he purred. “Just a wicked demon.”

“Rough.” She clawed at his back. “Please.”


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