The bad guys don’t trust us. The good ones want to kill us. Stuck in the middle, this will be our last stand.

It feels like everyone wants to make us the villains, so fine – they can do that. I just don’t feel like I’m evil. I managed to find love, and for the first time in years, I have people around me that I can actually call a real family.

They’re the only thing I have left to lose.

This insane life I’ve found myself in has taken everything else. The Order of Martyrs is hunting us, convinced that we’re traitors because we won’t simply lay down and die. The demons want to break the seal open. We just want to stop the Apocalypse, because it is real, and it is coming.

Caught in the middle, we have no good options left. Day by day, we’re all becoming more powerful, learning things the Order has tried to keep secret. There is a reason that the Brethren are feared, and the group of us agree that we will use every power at our disposal – regardless of the consequences.

And we are not alone.

Throughout history, the Order has done this same thing to all other abominations, keeping us separated and weak. We’re going to need a little help, but the enemy of my enemy isn’t always my friend. They simply want to use me as much as I want to use them, but somebody has to do something. The question is who will break first: our “allies”, myself, my boyfriends, or the seal that holds closed the gates of Hell?

Because I no longer give a damn about good intentions.
For once in my life, I’m going to be a little selfish –
Even if that means letting the whole world burn.


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