Why do I attract the worst kind of men?
I am the high priestess of a Caster race, and I cannot be attracted to the pompous Shifter King.
Especially now, the Unseelie King is determined to rule all supernatural races and exterminate humans. He set up a strike that ended in the death of the Vampire Queen.
Despite our knowledge of the culprit, it surprised us to learn that he had allies of our own race. I probably shouldn’t have volunteered to investigate the suspect because now I have to work in close collaboration with the Shifter King. To make matters worse, the suspect is not a lone wolf, but another a-hole that may be worse than the king. Which, of course, makes me simmer with anger and desire.
Needless to say, they make it harder on me. I hope we solve the mystery of who is a friend or an enemy before facing the battle we all fear.


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