Since the Purge, omegas have three choices.
Slavery, sterilization, or hide our gender and hope for the best.

Thanks to a toxic cocktail of black market heat blockers and pheromone suppressors, I’ve managed to carve out a respectable life in the glittering world of beta politics. Maybe I can do some good here, but if my secret ever comes out, I’ll face a death sentence at the hands of the Committee—the shadowy international organization bent on crushing alphas and omegas under the bootheel of a ruling beta class.

Even in these dark times, there are still those in the world who value omegas the way they’re meant to be valued. Jax, Alex, and Flynn are subjugated alphas, assigned to the security detail protecting high level officials from the United Federation of North America—myself included.

Being around them is slow torture of the sweetest kind. If I ever gave in to my instincts, the three of them would destroy me, sending my house of cards tumbling to the ground. I’ve sworn they can never know about me, which is all well and good until terrorists capture my diplomatic contingent a week before my heat is due.

Now, this pack of misfits may be my only hope.


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