Willow faces her darkest fears

I wake alone, captive in a pit. But so much worse, I crave blood.

My nightmare continues when I’m rescued by the same kind of monsters that turned me into this ravenous mess. These three massive vampires—powerful and devastatingly handsome—are on a mission to find someone royal. Instead, they find me.

I stick with them, otherwise, I’ll be forced to join the syndicate controlling the vampires in this city. The three teach me how to survive in my transformed body and how to quench my heightened appetites and insatiable passions.

They can’t be mine forever. As knights in a secret order, their vows forbid love, and that suits me just fine. I’d never let a man hold power over my heart. But to my horror, feelings develop for not one, but all three of these vampires, each of them unique and special in his own way.

I need these men for now, but can’t rely on the connection growing between us. I can’t rely on anyone. When this is over, all I’ll have to remember them are the skills to survive–and the scorching-hot memories of fiery, passion-filled nights. That has to be enough…


More blood hits my throat, and I close my eyes to absorb the ecstasy, combined with my ever increasing and frustrating need. I’m so desperate, both for sex and more blood. My needs erase my dignity. Is this what it means to be a female vampire? Succumbing to constant humiliation?

No one’s even touching me, but I orgasm again. My body struggles against the restraints as I convulse, inside and out, feeling like I might explode. And yet the climax does nothing to quell my rising need. If anything, it acts as an amplifier.

When my contractions subside, I open my eyes.

Three stunning vampires are standing near the room’s entrance. The most handsome males I’ve ever witnessed, even more attractive than the monster who did this to me. But while they’re clearly vampires, all three of them look out of place here, somehow above this.

They’re all dressed similarly, with knee-length leather coats over t-shirts and form-fitting, leather pants. But instead of cheering like the rest of the crowd, they’re clearly fighting to hide their disgust at what’s happening to me and the other captive women.

The first one who draws my attention is in the middle. He’s tall, well over six feet, and very muscular. His pale skin is accentuated by dark hair, heavy brows and red lips that are thick, and so firm they seem sculpted. His stance widens into a commanding presence as his eyes meet mine.

Our gazes lock.

His eyes are shockingly green and the rage there is palpable, but it changes as he looks into mine. Sympathy mixes with his anger along with…with something else. But then he breaks eye contact, and his expression shifts fully back to anger. Fists of stone form at his sides.

To his right, stands an even taller vampire. He too is muscular, but less bulky, and his form-fitting, olive t-shirt highlights the warm brown tones of his skin. He too seems furious, perhaps concerned, and his gaze is trained on the vampire beside him as if expecting a command.

Then he turns his gaze toward me, and I melt under the deep brown attention. His expression projects empathy and something else I can’t quite perceive. But then I figure it out. This second vampire wants me. He wants to fuck me.

But as badly as I need a cock driving inside me, I’ve had quite enough of men wanting me today. I break from his gaze.

The third vampire is terrifying. The biggest of the three, both in height and girth. He’s massive—like a body builder, or an exaggerated stone sculpture. His bright blond hair frames a tan complexion, making it seem as if he spends a lot of time in the sun. But he’s a vampire. So, no sun. At least based on what I know of vampires.

His hands are so big he could crush my skull in just one. I’ve never seen anyone more intimidating than this man, this vampire. Then his blue eyes make eye contact, and my insides contract, threatening another orgasm fueled by the intensity of his gaze. The raw power housed in his body.

“Stop this!” The one in the center shouts. “In the name of His Highness, King Dunkan, the one true vampire king, I command you to cease these atrocities!”

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