My parents are dead and my only living relative left me in a new town to fend for myself.
How could things possibly get any worse?

Finding out my entire life has been a lie sounds like a good way.
And that’s only the beginning of my bad luck.

I never saw it coming, the secrets that were kept from me.
Secrets that I harbored within, unknowingly.

I’ve been abducted by men who crave power and radiate ruthlessness.
They think I’m some docile girl, easily controlled.
I’m not.

An overwhelming power floods my veins, begging to be unleashed.
Soon they’ll find out I’m not the sheep they expected me to be.
And I’m no longer alone.

My true mates will stop at nothing to get me back.
But even if they succeed, will it be enough?
Or will the enemies of my past continue to plague my future?

One thing’s for sure, my life is no longer mundane.

My name is Astraea Davis, and I am the last female siren


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