Life was perfect, quiet, and uneventful. Entirely mundane.
But as the story goes, that was just the calm before the storm that tore my life to ribbons.

One dark, fateful night.
One accident that shattered my world.
One unforgettable move.
And now my life is anything but mundane.

My name is Astraea Davis, but you can just call me Rae.
This is the tale of a girl whose world was ripped apart and pieced back together in the unforgiving cold.

Two months ago my parents were murdered.
Their death, as much a mystery to me as the path I’m thrown on because of it.

A path that has me contending with the tendrils of an unseen enemy, the quips of an asshole teacher, and the pain from a neglectful aunt.
But even the darkest paths have a ray or two of light. For the sun always shines brightest after a brutal and unforgiving storm.

A new best friend.
A new job that I love.
A lickable new boss and his equally sexy as sin, brother.
These are my rays in the storm raging around me.

As the secrets I didn’t know I was hiding are unveiled and the threats loom closer, will the new bonds I’ve developed hold, or will everything around me implode … again?


I trail my eyes up his body until I’m snared in his relentless gaze. His eyes are endless pools of deep blue ocean water and I want nothing more than to get lost within them. My mind is rolling a million miles a minute and I find myself searching his face for reason. For an excuse. For confirmation I’m not alone in these crazy and complicated feelings.

Without uttering a single word, he turns his body towards me, eyes never leaving mine and releases my hand to grab the back of my neck. His fingers intertwine with my hair and if I wasn’t trapped in his gaze, I’d shut my eyes and relish in the feeling. Luca pulls me towards him, so we meet in the middle over the center console, and then shocks the shit out of me by kissing me.


Lightning strikes.

Blazing infernos.

 His kiss is all of that and so much more. It’s intense and yet gentle. Soft and supple, yet hard and demanding. My hands move of their own volition, reaching out and grasping his shirt to pull him closer to me. A small moan escapes me, and he uses that opening to sweep his tongue between my lips, exploring my mouth while punishing me with his kiss.

Goddesses help me. A louder, needier moan releases from me and I rub my thighs together, needing friction. Now.


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