Yeah, I got turned. And on top of that…

My coven felt my suffering through our bond, making one of my vampire mates come unhinged.

My tempting twins want to go on the warpath, too, but my coven and I need to dress our wounds, share our secrets, and heal our hearts. Along the way, we’ll discover how strong we are together.

But to ever be worthy of redemption, I’ll need to face my greatest nightmare:

The demon hunter I used to love. The vampire I murdered. The devil himself.

If we can’t stop him, he’ll torture my mother’s soul for all eternity.

Of course, he won’t stop there. He wants to conquer everything, leaving behind only death and flames.

Can our brave vampire coven triumph over true evil to save the world?

Hell to Slay is the final book of Mel’s Vampire Coven, a paranormal reverse harem trilogy. Delve into a dark world where love shines brightest of all.


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