“Mate me or die. Your choice.”
The words weren’t meant for me, but I felt them resonating in my very soul.
What would I choose? Death.

Of course, I would just burn to ash and wake up again with the same damn problem swirling around in my heart and mind.
My inner beast thinks it has imprinted on a Halfling Hell Fae.
Without my permission.

Now all I want to do is hold her. Kiss her. F-ck her.
Claim her.
But I can’t.
Not until we solve this mystery going on with the Hell Fae Source and these rogue portals that keep popping up everywhere.

The Hell Fae Realm is in chaos, and my potential mate might be to blame.
Warden Ajax and Prince Melek think she’s innocent.
The Hell Fae King is sure she’s not.
And I’m too busy dealing with my panting Phoenix to pick a side.

All my animal can think about is biting his intended.
Meanwhile, all I can think about is how to stop him.

Camillia should have a choice.
Only, she doesn’t seem to want to choose…

Authors’ Note: Hell Fae Commander is a dark paranormal romance with four tormented mates and no choosing required. If you like your antiheroes dominant and sexy, you’ve come to the right realm—the Hell Realm, where the romance is hot and no forgiveness is required. This book ends on a cliffhanger.


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