I thought they’d be my salvation, but they look at me like I’m theirs.

Beaten, starved, broken.
With nowhere else to go, my only hope to survive is to sell my soul to the devil. After all, when you have nothing, even poison starts to look tempting. But the brutal men that work beneath him are just as trapped as I am, and now it’s too late for me to back out. They’re forced to make me into one of them, but I’ll use those skills to be King’s downfall.

I’ll set them free, or die trying.

But with bodies piling up, and secrets coming to light, what once seemed like the lesser of two evils is proving just how blind desperation can make a person. If even these vicious men can’t stop him, what hope do I have? I can’t even save myself, so how can I be expected to save anyone?
Even if I’m doomed to fail, I have to at least try. Because if I can’t pull this off?
Mom’s screams echo through my mind, a haunting reminder that there are many fates worse than death.


Not supplied by author.


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