“I live with three sex gods, Happy, Bashful, and Grumpy. If I’m not careful, I’ll develop feelings for them, and I need to remain platonic if I want to stay living here.”

Ava Baros has recently graduated from art school in Europe. She returns to New York to pursue her dream job as a fashion designer but has a short time frame to find work and a place to live; otherwise, her father will summon her back to Greece.

She lands a job that she’s partially happy with but finding a place to live in Manhattan is brutal.

As a last resort, she answers an ad for a flatmate but remains skeptical about sharing with three guys. Despite her dubious presumptions, she is surprised to see the room is in a luxury apartment shared with three men who are dangerously sexy, handsome, and powerful.

There is constant amorous and personality antagonism between the four roommates. Ava is fighting temptation and knows getting romantically involved with these men may cause multiple dilemmas with serious complications.

About The Titans Series:
The Titan Series is a group of reverse harem contemporary romance novels. Each book in the series introduces a different story about Ava’s adventures and life journey with her three male roommates. The books are written to be read as a standalone with a HEA chapter ending. However, the epilogues of each book in the series act as the introduction to the next book and will end on a cliffhanger.

GODS of City Glory is a full-length reverse-harem contemporary romance novel, the first in The Titans Series.


Funny, Steamy, Hot.

It’s the reverse harem of Sex and the City with a feel good factor. A story about a girl, three guys, a butterfly tattoo, and a Manhattan apartment.

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