After a fallout with the guys, Ava is left heartbroken and flees la Casa Titans but tells her two best friends not to let the men know her location.

Upon the guys’ return from a dramatic and cumbersome trip to Carter’s hometown in Montana, they realize that Ava’s gone for good. They discover she has flown to her parent’s home on the Greek island of Crete, so their journey begins to try and win back their girlfriend’s heart.

Ava’s worst nightmare comes true as she tries to deal with the failure of her relationship. But with the boys’ sudden appearance on her parent’s doorstep, she has to face the dreaded explanation of the poly situation with the three men to her traditional parents and family.

The men are keen to convince Ava of their true feelings for her, including persuading her parents to accept them as one love unit. Ava doubts whether such a relationship is realistic and whether they could ever see her as their equal partner.

How far are Ben, Oscar, and Carter willing to go to get Ava back?



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