A terrifying dream beneath a blood red moon changes everything in Lacey’s world…

Understanding dawns on her of a life of powers, immortality, and love.

Memories and dreams jumbled together appear all at once, of what has happened and what awaits her. Trying to comb through the confusion she at least knows three things for certain:

1. She’s a goddess hidden away on this world.
2. The only way to keep her powers is to journey to Tartarus where her father is imprisoned.
3. And now the greek god Apollo is coming after her.

She can’t do it alone. Too bad the three loves from her past now guard the very prison she seeks entrance to.

Being the Goddess of Prophecy means she knows that the future looks bleak unless she can convince her men to turn on Apollo and the rest of the Parthenon. Why can’t these glimpses of what lies ahead also come with an instruction manual?


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