I summon the dragon. I claim my throne. The warlocks of Icarus Academy claim me.

I start my night with a heist in a Catwoman costume at a Vegas casino…and end up shifting into my dragon form for the first time ever in mid-plummet from the roof.

Except I can’t actually fly. Oops.

Turns out being the first dragon shifter queen to rule the witching world (while I’m simultaneously a student at the Icarus Academy) isn’t, like, a party. Especially when I go into heat. Because now I have…needs…that no warlock at the Academy can satisfy. Plus the only full-blooded male dragon shifter on the planet intends to kill all my warlocks and make me choose just him for my king.



Sweet Jesus, this Maxim guy’s causing a world of trouble. Vasili and Ronin are fighting over whether to kill him or kiss him. My wolf shifter headmaster Lucius has his paws full trying to keep us all from getting expelled. And my sweet bookworm Neo needs something new we’re all afraid to give him.

When a rival queen rises to threaten my throne, it’ll take major trust between me and all my warlocks—including that vicious dragon I’ve sworn I’ll never claim—to save the witching world from an extinction event it’ll take a miracle to stop.

Gemini Kings is a New Adult dark witch academy why-choose paranormal romance. It can be read as a standalone or as a sequel to Gemini Queen. This deadly duet delivers a seductive and lethal warlock court, possessive males, sexy shifters, sword-crossing warlocks, teacher-student forbidden love, first-time MM, bi awakening, explicit and extended group encounters, true poly love with found family vibes, a satisfying climax (no cliffhanger!), and enough fast-burn heat to set your Academy uniform on fire! One click to read free on Kindle Unlimited.


You haven’t fucking lived till you’ve secretly crashed a casino czar’s X-rated Mardi Gras bash at the Double Gemini in Vegas dressed in a latex Catwoman costume and mask with your hair dyed green.

Like, for real. You haven’t.

This is actually one adventure I could’ve lived without—and not just because my dad’s literally gonna kill me if he catches me hiding under this catsuit. Since he did take out that seven figure hit on my head.

A hit he apparently never bothered to cancel.

You might be thinking the concept of a psycho fuck like Mick Gemini gunning for my runaway ass would give me a cold chill or something. And it’s not like the situation makes me happy.

But if I’m gonna be honest?

Dear old dad’s been trying to erase me forever. Ever since I took off years ago and (the way he sees it) humiliated him in front of the whole witching world.



These days, that whole bounty on my head just pisses me off.

But the ex-lover I’ve been hunting since he betrayed me for a goddamn paycheck came here to my dad’s casino in Vegas for a reason. And he’s the reason I’m here.

I’m here for Xiao.

I’m here because it’s payback time.

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