What happens when the only way to save your business is to team up with the a*sholes next door?

I, Livvy Fontaine, am single, successful, and self-confident. Running my shop, Pawsh Pets, is busy and fulfilling.
Dating disasters aside, nothing can upset the perfect equilibrium that is my life.
Until the sexy “celebrity chefs” next door at EastSide decide to expand.
Right into Pawsh Pets.
Their genius idea? To buy me out and expand their restaurant, where they serve live baby octopus, veal tongue carpaccio, and snail caviar.
But my territory is not up for grabs. I don’t care how delicious these guys are.

Just as I gear up to tell them where to shove their duck served in blood sauce, in swoops a corporate vulture with deep pockets who wants to buy up the whole block.
I have two choices.
Lose everything I’ve worked for.
Or, team up with the carnivores next door.
Turns out love and war cook at the same temperature.
The question is, can I take the heat?


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