She’s still theirs. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Alex, Callum, Finn and Jacob seem to have it all, but despite their success, something is missing. When they learn the woman they once loved is in trouble, they decide the time has come to go back and claim her. But how will Carrie react when they tell her that she’s theirs?

This is a steamy novella where the female main character ends up with all the men.


Everyone stares at me as I make my way past their tables. Of course, it might not be me they’re gawping at. My dining companion is a darling of the tabloids, after all. They’re probably wondering what the billionaire hottie is doing with a country bumpkin like me.

Finn looks every inch the successful businessman this evening in his perfectly tailored black suit and snowy white shirt. He’s opted not to wear a tie, his own little snub to the dress code. His shirt is unbuttoned at the neck to reveal a manly throat. 

Ugh! What am I thinking? A manly throat? This is what happens when you go too long without sex. You find yourself in danger of becoming enthralled by every attractive man you see.

Sitting next to Finn in the passenger seat of his swanky BMW was pure torture. In that confined space, I couldn’t escape the amazing, woodsy scent of his cologne. Nor could I prevent my gaze from drifting to his large, masculine hands as they held the steering wheel in a casual, yet confident grip. 

As we drove in near silence, I couldn’t help remembering what those hands are capable of, the pleasure they used to wring from my body.

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