I’m trapped between two Alphas and I’m not sure if I’ll survive their domination games.

The Elders made their move and now the future has been thrown into chaos.

With Seifiek missing and Axel biding his time, I’ll delve into my studies for as long as I’m allowed at the Academy—or as long as I can survive. There’s a dark secret within the Collegium, one that I need to understand if my Betas and I are going to make it out on the other side of this mess and new enemies are fighting me every step of the way.

The worst being a third Alpha who’s set his sights on me. One who is delighted by the realms on the verge of war. Chaos is his home and madness is his bedmate.

He’s as ancient as time itself and he’s set the future on a course where I’ll become his queen.

Running isn’t an option, not anymore.

I’ll face my destiny and take it by the balls.

Because this bitch isn’t going down without a fight.

Fortune Fae Academy: Book Three is a Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance. Be warned there are aggressive Alphas who’ll do anything to claim their mate. Trigger warnings include dub-con, strong language, and violence. As this is a series, book 3 ends on a cliffhanger.


“F**k me,” she commanded.

He moved his fingers down, guiding himself inside her entrance, then pushed inside. 

Her eyes flew open, the silver orbs capturing me with her intensity.

She reached out for me and fisted my hair, urging me with her unspoken need to be taken.

To be kissed.

To be worshipped.

“I can’t, dreamcatcher,” I said. The pain lacing my words made every muscle in my body tighten. “Any more could kill you.” 

I said the last line with a glare in Rowan’s direction. 

Surely he wasn’t so dense to risk her life because his c**k was hard?

“That’s precisely it,” she countered as she pulled my hand to her ***, forcing me to massage her. “If you push me to the edge, do you think those d*mned Alphas of ours can resist my call?” 

Rowan froze, as did I.

“Gina,” he said, but she backed against him, urging him to continue.

She dug her fingernails into the back of my hand. “Do this for me, my Beta.” 

Hearing her call me that made me melt.

I didn’t want her to risk her life, but I also could deny her nothing.

Giving in, I cupped her face, peering into the silver power of her eyes, before leaning in for a forbidden taste.

My beautiful dreamcatcher.

I’ll never part from you.

If you die, I’ll be a shadow on the tail of your soul.

To the end of time, Gina.

To the end of time.


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