Abused and hated his whole life before being placed into foster care,
Hades never knew love, kindness, or family.

Until he met her.

Blake’s life had been nothing but ER trips, tears, and isolation

Until she found him.

A single lie leads to a kidnapping in broad daylight that keeps them apart for seven years

Hades learns to find comfort in his new family and 4 friends that eventually become his pack
While Blake knows nothing but darkness and violence at the hands of a monster

A desperate escape lands Blake into the arms and home of a pack of men willing and desperate to do anything to prove to her that she belongs with them

Can two people who bonded so deeply, and 4 more who fell in love over time, create something strong enough to withstand the evil coming for them?
Or will the scars of the past, and a series of terrifying events, tear them apart for good?


Rook looks around the room at the rest of us to try and get a read on our feelings through the pack bond. We all know what he’ll find, though. Hades has been talking about Blake since we were kids, absolutely adamant she belonged in our pack, and when he was taken from their foster home with no notice, he was devastated. 

The night of that fight seven years ago after we were all arrested, Rook’s parents took D home with them and eventually adopted him, and because of that he never got to say goodbye to Blake. We had been looking for her passively during our teen years, but the minute we were all finally 18, we solidified our pack bond and used every resource available to try and find her again. And considering Rook is a billionaire, there were a lot of resources.

The problem is, she vanished into thin air. There’s no record of her anywhere. No school, no doctor, no police reports, absolutely nothing. There’s no death certificate anywhere, either, and I think that might be the only thing that’s kept our hope alive all these years we’ve been searching. 

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